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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kim Kardashian pregnant

Kim Kardashian Konfusion
My big question is how could someone as skinny as E! network star Kim Kardashian be pregnant on 3 Dec 2011 – and not be showing yet? 

Kim Kardashian on fire with her hot body. You should be proud Kim

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"Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian slams Teen Mom star Farrah ...
3 Dec 2011 – Not showing yet: The E! network star is nine months pregnant but

OK sorry Kim I got it wrong I saw the following afterwards.

Kim Kardashian Pregnant? Denies Rumors On 'The Tonight Show

I was about to give  Kim Kardashian a big congrats on her wedding but then found out she got divorced the Kim Kardashian wedding was almost the shortest marriage for 2011 but she was trumped at the last minute by Sinead O'Connor.

Maybe you could ask e news they seem to have heaps of info because I watched them on Fox 8 and other channels on pay TV
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21 Dec 2011 – Kim Kardashian Divorce

Beware pregnancy symptoms
I know for a fact my wife and pregnancy don't mix because. When she was in her early pregnancy stages she had just about had every 1 of the known pregnancy symptoms. Most of the symptoms were bad like the enlarged breasts, mood swings, vomiting, crying, shouting, sore breasts, when I wanted to touch them unless at the time she was acting like a rabbit in heat. Once we figured something was wrong we went to the doctor for the third time who finally did a pregnancy test only to discover she was in fact pregnant and not going crackers.

Even though this was within a week of the symptoms appearing it was too late for the poor baby. Because during this time she was taking the pill to which we were unaware of her pregnancy .

I was actually Googling trying to find out about a metallic tasting gas I had been experiencing lately. Because  I thought someone was trying to poison me. So I googled it "metallic tasting gas" and found this useful forum on pregnancy

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